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  • Elwah

    This was my first Alki tour and I really enjoyed it. Like how everything was included Charlotte W

  • Wine Stomp

    Mike and Dennis were very kind and helpful. Lovely tour and love the produce stand

  • New Mexico

    Thank you again for putting so much time and effort into this trip Sue W.

  • New Mexico

    Geoff, Thanks for being such a patient, understanding and fun guide. We appreciated all your hard work at keeping everyone organized and “in the know” All the best in the future Dan & Dianne S.

  • New Mexico Balloon

    New Mexico Balloon Festival tour (sunny warm) awesome! Very enjoyable! Lena C & Marian P

  • New Mexico Balloon Festival

    Really enjoyed extra sights Geoff worked into our tour. IE, Capitol, etc. Great Tour!! JoAnne G.

  • Wine Stomp

    It was a delightful day – so nice to see Mike again! A perfect day to celebrate my 70th birthday. I’ve enjoyed many years with Alki Marilyn B.

  • Japan

    Alki overseas trips are inexpensive and well thought out. How about adding a trip to Japan in 2014….. Thanks, Barbara T

  • Winner Leavenworth Snow Train Tickets

    AND THE WINNER IS…………Joanne Schultz**! Congratulations on being the winner of our 1st Alki Tours Leavenworth Snow Train Tickets giveaway. We would like to thank everyone who entered and FOLLOW US for more great giveaways through-out October and November!

  • Switzerland 2013

    We recently returned from our trip to Switzerland and wanted you to know just how much we enjoyed this adventure. We had a wonderful tour guide (Ingrid Kokinda) and feel that we could not have had a more considerate person to lead us on this wonderful excursion. Thank you for this great opportunity. Harold & [...]