To Fellow Chamber of Commerce,

The Seattle Chamber of Commerce offers a Tourism Travel Program as one of the many events we organize. The purpose of the rips is to raise funds for the Chamber and also provide high quality travel opportunities.

We have partnered with Alki Tours on three trips: The Costa del Sol in November of 2012, Thailand January of 2013 and South Africa in March of 2013.

All three tours offered excellent itineraries, accommodations and local tour guides at very reasonable prices. Alki was also willing to work with me to make several changes to the South Africa itinerary.

I handled all questions and registrations from our travelers and the office staff at Alki Tours was great to work with as back-up to help me answer questions, handle special requests and make all of the final arrangements.

These tours were a success and had very happy travelers who want to travel with us again!


Ann Reid
Promotions, Logistics and Events Manager