Hello – My husband and I have just returned from a day trip to Leavenworth from the Northgate pick up location. Kody (with a long and difficult last name) was our guide and Charles was the bus driver. I would just like you to know how great these tour providers were!!! I am a registered nurse as well as an experienced tour guide myself (I have planned and guided several tours of junior high orchestra kids to Portland, Idaho, Vancouver..including hotel overnights, Amtrak, MTR busses). Kody was exceptional in his professionalism, attention to detail, meticulous cleanliness (which he probably didn’t know I was watching but he was in the seat ahead of me and I am an RN so I notice those things The driver was excellent and accommodating as well. We have never taken an Alki tour before. Today was our 29th anniversary and we had a very nice time! We would certainly not hesitate in taking an Alki tour again!
Thank you to all the other passengers who were ON TIME (even early!) and well behaved and to our tour operators for making this a great experience!! Happy Holidays, Cheryl D.